What size ladder do I need / can I use with LLD?

The Ladder Lockdown residential saddle is rated for use with
extension ladders up to *32 feet, and 6 foot A frame ladders. Typical use is
with up to 24 foot extension ladder.

Can I use my own accessories?

No, it’s very important that you only use the accessories included with
your ladder lockdown saddle.  Using personal
accessories will void all warranties.

What surfaces can I use my LLD saddle on?

The Ladder Lockdown residential saddle can be used on soft outdoor surfaces like grass, dirt and sand, hard indoor surfaces like tile, hard wood, laminate floors, marble, and hard outdoor surfaces like concrete, cement, asphalt, icy driveways and vinyl decking.

Can I use it on a hill/ slope?

Yes, it is beneficial to use as long as it is a clean surface free of loose dirt or gravel and the slope isn’t too steep to climb the ladder safely.

Which rung do I secure the strap?

Always secure the CAM strap over the third rung of the ladder and back
down the backside of the rungs.  Remember
to tighten gently.

When I tighten the CAM strap my saddle lifts, is this okay?

No, reduce tension on the CAM strap so that the saddle can lie flat on
the ground.  Do not over tighten.

Where can I find the ladder safety manual?

You can find a downloadable pdf of the instruction manual here

Can I use LLD if my ladder doesn't have rubber feet?

Yes, be sure to place feet of ladder on black grip strip and secure with
CAM strap.

Do I need to use both staples when securing to soft ground?

Yes, use staples whenever possible to give maximum stability.

Can I attach it with screws to a solid surface?

Yes.  Be sure to use the proper screws for the substrate you’re securing it to.

Can I hand tighten the hex nuts?

Yes, hex nuts should ONLY be hand tightened.



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