Our Why

The original Ladder Lockdown saddle was invented by Troy Kumprey in December of 2015 after one of his employees fell from a ladder. Troy is a father, husband, son, brother, and the owner of TKO painting in Southern California. He has a team of hard working and dedicated guys who put their lives at risk every day to get their jobs done right. Troy knew that if he didn’t think about his teams safety, no one else would. He began playing around with prototypes in hopes of creating a device that would keep his team safer on their ladders, and going home to their families after each day on the job site.

The first LLD prototype was built by hand with wood.  After rigorous testing and many iterations, the Ladder Lockdown saddle has evolved into the all in one device that you see today. When we asked Troy to tell us the story of how and why he created this tool, it’s easy to see the passion and emotion on his face. This passion is what created the Ladder Lockdown saddle, and it’s what powers our team to create solutions to benefit real people.

Our Vision

SIMPLE, SAFE, SECURE solutions for laddering. We want to make the most dangerous tool in the world, safer for everyone to use. In an industry where standard ladder designs haven’t changed in over 60 years, Ladder Lockdown was born out of a desire to prevent injuries and save lives.

Our goal is to change the way people use ladders, and promote ladder safety; resulting in less injuries, saved lives and a shift in both residential and commercial industry safety standards.  

Whether you’re a professional installer, builder, firefighter, military or a homeowner hanging Christmas lights, working in your garage, or picking fruit from your backyard trees, we’re thinking about your tomorrow and want to make sure you’re here to enjoy it.

Our Mision



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